Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hello and Happy Spring!

Our spring session began Thursday, April 13th. There are still a few spots left in our 9:45 class. Come on in, the music's fine.

I am working on a class for older children, age 3 to 5. I am excited about creating a class where preschoolers learn about music in a fun and engaging way! We will learn about dynamics, instruments, and even a few of the great classical composers; always in an atmosphere of imaginative play and fun activities!

Stay tuned ! Keep Singing!
Love, Teacher Susy

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Our Winter 2017 class happens Thursday mornings at 9:45 a.m. There are a few spaces left and you can join the class at anytime. 
Come join a wonderful community and experience the joy of sharing music, dance and imaginative play in a safe and nurturing environment.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sing, Dance & Play 
is happening on Thursdays at 9:45 & 10:45 a.m.
The 9:45 class is full, but we still have 
space available in the 10:45 class.
I am happy to welcome back old friends and meet the younger siblings of my former students.
It thrills me to meet the new babies and to remember their older brothers and sisters when they were babies just a few years ago. Every time I meet a baby, I am reminded of how quickly our young children grow up. The youngest members of the class grow up so fast and soon enough, they are the big kids!  I understand that mothering young children takes every bit of energy, patience, stamina and focus that we have. Mothering babies and toddlers can feel like an overwhelming task. Our music class is a place where  you can relax with other moms in an atmosphere of fun, play and community.

Monday, September 12, 2016

I wanted to share a great review a mom of two gave me on Peachhead. It meant a lot to me. It's nice to hear about what specific things people appreciate about our class. Thank you Amanda! Here's the review:

"My whole family LOVES Sing, Dance, Play with Teacher Susy! The class is run through Culver City parks and rec and the most affordable class I have found....and the most fun!My daughters have completely different personalities (oldest very shy and reserved and youngest very social/outgoing), and both enjoy the class. It was hard finding a class my oldest liked, many teachers find it hard to relate to a shy kid, and would try to change her (one teacher even called her stubborn to her face when she was 2 because she was too timid to come get a sticker), but what I really appreciate about Susy is how she makes each feeling you have feel ok (she evens ends her classes with a song about it :)My husband is not the type of guy to look forward to kids classes but always looked forward to going, and even took my daughters when I was working, and willingly came even when I brought them. My mother-in-law will be attending the next session with my youngest, and I am sad I'll be working and can't go myself."

                                                             ~Amanda, mother of two

Hello and happy fall! It's time to register for our new session of Sing, Dance & Play at Vet's Park in Culver City. 2016 marks our 14th year at this great location. Come experience the joy, the silliness and the fun, friendly atmosphere that we enjoy in our music class! Enjoy learning new songs and musical activities to make your  entire week better. Teacher Susy has been leading music classes since 1996 . She understands your young child and knows how to engage, educate, and entertain this precious age group. Sign up today. Don't miss the fun. Babies grow up quick! Yes they Do!

Register online or in the Park office at Vet's Park on Overland and Culver Blvd
info for our class is on page 12 in The Culver City Living Brochure. here is the link:

My day with Shirley Jones! In addition to starring on Broadway and in some of the greatest musicals on film (Oklahoma, The Music Man). She also played the beloved single mom, Mrs Partridge, on The Partridge Family. She is the real life step mother of David Cassidy, who played her son on the show. I was thrilled to meet her. I put my cheek close to hers and sang "If I Loved You" the song she sang in Carousel. She was so warm and friendly. She is the exact same age as my mom. It's nice to meet a talented, famous person who is also truly gracious and kind. Thanks Shirley for all the years of music!

picture taken at Vicki Abelson's Women Who Write salon in 2015

Friday, August 5, 2016

Miss Susy's Classes: Kid Paradise
by Jessica Davis

Susan Porter brings an infectious sense of fun to her long running "Sing, Dance and Play" classes.

Originally from Ohio, Susy Porter, like so many transplants, moved to Los Angeles  to pursue a career in entertainment.  But while making ends meet as a party entertainer, she met a clown (really!), married him and ended up raising her family in Culver City.
Filling up six “Sing, Dance and Play” classes a week for almost a decade since then, she's now in the enviable position of having gotten to know hundreds of Culver City families  and watch them grow up, including mine.

It was in 2004 that the Culver City Living Catalog first introduced my to Susy’s classes at the Veterans Memorial Building.  It was my first regular opportunity for “me” time, and then-baby Trinity’s first experience in a classroom.  
One of Susy’s many strengths as a teacher is that she relates to each child exactly as he or she is, and accommodates the quirks and gifts of each.  Always an observant child, Trinity preferred sitting on the sidelines versus mixing it up with the other kids. Five years later, baby Ashton took a different approach.  A man of action, his biggest challenge was putting the instruments back in their baskets when class was over. He just wanted to keep playing.  Despite their different learning and participation styles, however,  Susy made it easy for both of them to enjoy the classes on their own terms.

It’s not only the kids who have a good time, though. There's plenty for the adults to enjoy as well. The jokes and humorous asides can fly fast and furious in between songs and activities, and Susy’s ability to bring her unique—and occasionally naughty—sense of  humor and fun to class is another one of her gifts.

Culver City Patch, April 15th, 2011